2015 Austramalayanese GP

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2015 Austramalayanese GP

Post by PLAYLIFE on Mon Mar 16 2015, 22:46

Since we're scraping the barrel one topic to cover Australia Malaysia and China!

Don't get angry at me now, but I enjoyed that race. But that's because I was there and could keep tabs on all 13 cars and their relative positions, even throughout pit-stops. Hard work but manageable!
I was doing a 'line analysis' out of turns 15 and 16 and I haven't seen such varied lines in Formula 1 for some time (perhaps last year was the same but I was at turns 1/2 where there actually is only one line). The increased torque of the engines definitely makes it a challenge for the drivers especially when the car is not working well, you could really see the RBRs in particular bucking around trying to spin itself into the walls.

The most impressive for me over the entire weekend in the turns 15/16 complex was Valtteri Bottas. He was on the limit more often than not and would use every piece of road available to him and a bit more at times.

Super impressive debuts from Sainz, Verstappen and Nasr. The latter I was not expecting since I don't think he was particularly impressive in GP2 over the last few years.

Despite being a Melbournite I don't like the circuit. Adelaide was one of my favourites though. Wish we could go back there, the race would be far more entertaining.
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