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Thai GP 2015 Empty Thai GP 2015

Post by glendo on Wed Dec 19 2012, 15:15

so... what GP that exists will Evil B get rid of? my money is on the Australian GP going.
- he doesnt make enough money from it. He makes most of his money now on New GP's, hence why there is pretty much a new one every year now. New countries pay a premium for a chance at a GP.
- Australia doesnt want to go full night race and is fighting it. Thailand will be a night race
- Melbourne contract ends in 2015
- BE has been slowly moving almost every F1 racetrack he can to either a tilke-drones or useless city street circuits (with a few exceptions like monza, monaco, suzuka etc.)
- IMO he makes more money for himself on moving and building tracks than on anything else.
- Malaysia is secure, China is secured up until the latter end of the decade

i just want Bernie to hurry up and die, for the sake of F1. another mickey mouse street circuit
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Thai GP 2015 Empty Re: Thai GP 2015

Post by PLAYLIFE on Thu Jan 10 2013, 13:15

I'll believe it when I see it!
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