Kimi isn't the "Ice Man", He's the INVISIBLE MAN...

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Kimi isn't the "Ice Man", He's the INVISIBLE MAN...

Post by eso on Sat Oct 13 2012, 08:27

At the beginning of this season I was happy to see Kimi return to F1. I didn't have much expectation for him in Lotus, but have been pleasantly surprised.

It really seems like he just does not give a f*ck about publicity, sponsors, interviews, etc. I haven't seen any interview with him this season. And no pictures of without a helmet on and strapped into his car.

It's like he materializes into the seat of his car, drives the thing and then disintegrates back into the ether. Oh, and he's currently 3rd in the championship standings... How'd that happen?

I've been a fan of his since he first came to F1. His 1 WDC was disappointing due to the controversy that handed it to him. I really hoped that he would come back the following year and win a legitimate championship to set the record straight, but it didn't work out that way.

Really, at this point I really get the impression that he just likes to drive and isn't into anything team related other than his time in the car. And while his teammate out qualifies his fairly often, his teammate is also a hazard on race day. Kimi just drives his second string car consistently fast and just keeps scoring that car should not be putting a driver into 3rd in the points but he just plugs away at it and there he is.

Happy to see the invisible man back in F1.

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