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Post by Danny Boy on Tue May 01 2018, 10:22

Say what you want but, less than 18 months into his tenure we have:

Unification of North and South Korea;

Unprecedented changes (for the better) in Saudi Arabia:

More ISIS killed and their hold on territory and towns decimated?

That is more than The Coconut, The War Criminal and The Sex Offender achieved in their whole term, and far, far more, than the Hysterical Grinning Money Grabbing Bitch would have achieved.
Danny Boy
Danny Boy
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Re: Trump

Post by Cine_Man on Sat May 12 2018, 00:49

Don't know if North and South Korea are quite as unified as North and South Vietnam are now, but...

credit where it is due:

In the same spirit, everyone overlooks Nixon/Ford and the accomplishments of that administration:

Put the first humans on the Moon.

Ended the VietNam war.

Opened relations with the PRC.

Signed Helsinki (signals winding down the Cold War with the Warsaw Pact)

Impeached AND Pardoned.

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