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Post by eso on Mon Jun 05 2017, 15:39

How that Moto3 race? With a drafting help on those bike down the main straight it was nuts how many lead changes there were and how tight the entire field stayed throughout the race.

Kudos to Dovi and Petrucci on a good races. Do you think the slightly cooler temperatures were the undoing for Yamaha on the hard tyres? Or were we mostly seeing the effects of injuries on Maverick and Valentino? In the first half of the race I thought Rossi might have been pacing and saving tyres, but towards the end he really had nothing so fatigue and pain from injuries could well have been the issue for him.

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Mugello  Empty Re: Mugello

Post by Henrik on Thu Jun 08 2017, 08:15

Hey eso! Always nice to see somebody still posting on here...

Yeah, the Moto3 always crack me up at Mugello. The finish straight is so long, and the line far away, so the rider who comes out in first after the last corner hardly ever makes it. It always then makes for a huge change and a bunch up at the end of it, lap after lap. Great fun to watch.

Dovi was outstanding, as was Petrucci. It is on a track like this that it becomes very clear that Lorenzo is still a long way from figuring out how to ride the Ducati, and I honestly don't think he will ever be able to change his style to suit it.

Rossi did indeed suffer physically in the end. He had done everything right, and I think without his MX accident he would certainly have been on the podium. But, the Yamahas were having a bit of trouble with the Michelins, although not as much as the Hondas. The tires are not stiff enough for them, and they want harder tires. For the Honda it was clear that they just had no feel in the front, resulting in Pedrosa going down, and all of them being well of the pace.

Now for Barcelona!

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