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Bikes for the road

Post by Henrik on Thu Aug 27 2009, 21:51

As you know I am currently riding a Moto Morini Corsaro, which I love. Over the years I have gone through pretty much all types of bikes, with the exception of a supersports but I have always felt it better to leave those for the track. There has been a VFR, obviously my ST2, a Honda Varadero and an Africa Twin etc. I was just wondering what you have had. If I remember correctly you sort of started out with a 749 no?

Also, as summer draws to an end little by little, I realize that soon I will be back to riding in the rain and the cold, and I am thinking that my Corsaro is really not the ideal bike. So, I am actually starting to look a bit at a BMW R1200RT as a proper commuter bike. I know it looks a bit strange and bulky, but it is amazingly agile when you ride it. Also, it is actually not that heavy, weighing in at only 20 pounds more than a VFR!


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