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Imola WSBK

Post by Henrik on Thu Oct 01 2009, 20:59

Very good racing last weekend (and much more comming up this weekend!!!).

For starters, good to see Haga come back fighting. He was just great in both races, really putting the pressure on Max in race one. But Fabrizio passing Haga in race 2? I can't imagine Ducati being too impressed by that move, and I really hope it is not those points that will make the difference at the end of the season.

What was up with the Ben? In race one I thought at first that he was holding back, conserving tyres, and I expected him to come charging back in the last 5 laps, but it just didn't happen. He just seemed off a bit in both races, but I suppose he did still get some points.

Rea scared me in race one as he almost took Haga out, and I was getting flashbacks to Nurburgring. But after his off, how good was he to come back in 6th!! Totally puts Checa to shame I would say.

But the rider of the weekend was Simoncelli. Damn he was good. In race one I thought he was pushing too much, and his pass on Haslam was gutsy but looked almost out of control. When he then lost it, I expected him to take it easy in the next race, but holy shit!! Third in his second ever WSBK race, and that is coming straight over from a 2 stroke 250!!! I am seriously impressed, and it looked like he was enjoying being there. Biaggi must be a bit pissed off too..... I am starting to wish Simoncelli will change his mind and sign for an Aprilia in WSBK for 2010.

And in closing, one word.....Aprilia!! They have been truly amazing in their first season, basically fighting up front from the very beginning. The bike is incredibly fast, and I think if they just tune the chassis a bit more it will be the ultimate killer. Sort of puts BMW to shame....


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Re: Imola WSBK

Post by H8R on Fri Oct 02 2009, 02:56

Agreed with the above.

Ben...said they made a mistake with the electronics...he couldn't get the drive out of the turns in Race one...he could make it back up under braking...but knew he wasn't a factor.

In race two...for Ben at least...he had some lightly veiled remarks about Rea and his out of control riding style.

I'm still not convinced on the Aprilia...but it was a real joy to see Marco put the screws to it. His mistake/pass on Biaggi was epic....kind of reminds the older lions that young lions are truly fearless.
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