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Post by eso on Mon Jul 16 2018, 05:23

I've been too buried to the project I'm working on to keep on top of posting here, but I have continued to follow the season.

I can echo Henrik's comments on Marquez: his behavior is often unacceptable, but the boy is seriously committed to winning. Snatching pole at the Saschenring and then put in a smart performance for the win looks like he is showing a bit of maturity.

So Pedrosa is out and Lorenzo going to Repsol Honda along side Marquez? This could be interesting. Could also be some fireworks.

The BT Sport commentators taking about Lorenzo needing bodywork changes to help him conserve upper body exertion is interesting. So why doesn't he do some strength training? Marquez is built like pit bull and that is part of how he manages to make such crazy saves: he has some serious strength.

But aside from Yamaha seeming to be lagging in development this year it also seems like Rossi is his his twilight. He is still great and on race day always has somewhere he draws that little bit extra from. That little bit keeps him up there, and he clearly loves racing, but it's looking like it just isn't enough anymore. I'd love to be proven wrong about that.

And Maverick... He is consistently show late race pace, but it's always too little to late.

Any work on what Pedrosa is going to do? And who looks like they will be partnering with Dovi at Ducati?

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MotoGP Mid season Empty Re: MotoGP Mid season

Post by Henrik on Tue Jul 17 2018, 21:08

Well Pedrosa has announced that he is retiring, so he is not going anywhere. I have my fingers crossed he manages to get a race win this year as well, but it does not look like his head is in it anymore.

Yes, I really don't like Marquez but there is no doubt about his incredible riding talent. He just keeps getting better, and the way he never gives up is so impressive. Again at Sachsenring he had a lowside, and just would not let the bike go instead trying to get it back up again. And then in the race, you are right that he had an exceptional maturity in managing his tires just as he needed. As soon as the board told him Rossi was catching him he upped the pace just enough to maintain the gap.

Rossi is still incredible, but as it stands at the moment he just is not as fast as Marquez. The Yamaha is trailing, but I really don't think it is not on the level with the Honda, it is Marquez that makes the difference. Judging by the other Honda riders, the bike is not easy to ride, and I really don't think Lorenzo will shine on it next year.

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