Mugello 2018

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Mugello 2018

Post by Henrik on Mon Jun 04 2018, 08:53

In spite of the end result, that was a pretty interesting race!

For starters, it had been a while since Rossi got pole, but then with Lorenzo right there in second spot I think pretty much everybody expected him to be first through turn 1. Perhaps not everybody expected Marquez to be back to his old bad behaviour though, and after coming in way too hot in turn 1, he then used Petrucci to ensure he could make it himself though turn 2, unfortunately pushing Petrux wide. I get that Marc is aggressive and all, but really that is a bit too much.

Now Marc had no doubt realized that Lorenzo was planning on staying out ahead of everybody and would soon be unreachable. So he pushed as hard as he could after getting past Rossi to try and catch Lorenzo. I have to say though that as much as Marc's behaviour at the start makes me get really pissed off, his commitment and sheer riding talent is just incredible. The way he kept trying to get grip back after he lost the front was amazing, and had he succeeded it would have gone down as the greatest save ever. Almost...

The fight then for third was thoroughly entertaining, and both Iannone and Rins got to show how good they can be, and that their Suzuki still needs more power.

I am sure Ducati must be extremely happy with the double, and with Rossi in third it was a day to make an Italian happy.


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