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Post by eso on Wed May 23 2018, 06:06

Lots of carnage here. Petrucci and Rossi hung in there to collect off the misfortune of Dovisioso and Zarko. While I always appreciate seeing Rossi finish well I was really bummed to see Dovi go down losing the front end like that, and then Zarko doing pretty much the same thing.

It really did look like Marquez made the right call with the hard rear tire giving him the best grip at the end...

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Le Mans 2018 Empty Re: Le Mans 2018

Post by Henrik on Wed May 23 2018, 21:12

I think both Zarco and Dovi sort of fell victims to Lorenzo holding them up. He is quick at the start, but then his riding is really disruptive for the other riders that are clearly faster over a lap. He is very fast on the straights, and then covers the corners well, making him difficult to pass. Zarco wanted to get past him as quickly as possible as he felt he needed to build up a lead to try and keep Marc at bay, and it just got the better of him.

Petrux was very good this time out, and did not fade near the end as he has tended to do in the past. New factory rider at Ducati for next year?

Marc, what can you say? He is annoyingly fast, and somehow manages to get out of some really tough situations. He almost lost it at one point, but unlike Dovi and Zarco he stayed upright!

And yes, happy to see Rossi on the podium. After a dismal qualifying, that was as good a result he could have hoped for. Still, I think the title will yet again go to Marc.

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