Panama Papers

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Panama Papers

Post by Danny Boy on Mon Apr 11 2016, 07:33

Will the public finally get pissed off with all the tax dodging of the Rich, Super Rich and Big Buisness?

Whilst what has been released so far is not world shattering, it could be the catalyst for change around the world, at least we can hope, especially those that believe "The Age of Aquarius" has started.

Danny Boy
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Re: Panama Papers

Post by Henrik on Mon Apr 11 2016, 19:08

I'm just amazed by the big fuss being made about this. Panama companies have been around for so long, and are basically known by anybody who is even a little bit involved in the business. A lot of clean-up has been made with those companies over the years, and the large majority of them today are perfectly legal and more often than not declared wealth. Private Banking today is not about tax evasion but about establishing somewhat confidential accounts with proper succession planning solutions, which is facilitated with such company structures.

You want to get at tax evasion how about getting rid of the ridiculous non-resident domiciled status in London. Or lack of requirement for knowing the beneficial owner in Delaware, Dakota and Nevada. Or transfer pricing to Ireland.

There are still a lot of solutions out there for real tax evasion and hiding dirty money. Panama companies are not really one of them anymore.


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