Classic Races

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Classic Races

Post by PLAYLIFE on Sat Nov 28 2015, 00:50

On Foxtel they show some snippets, full highlights of old races and season reviews. I remember most F1 moments but have forgotten a lot of the MotoGP/500cc ones over the years.

A thread dedicated some to some classic moments.

Spain 1996 (it's the full race but I've linked to the last few laps):

Doohan and Chilli, 'that' moment:
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Re: Classic Races

Post by Henrik on Sat Nov 28 2015, 16:01

Oh there have been many fabulous races of the past in 500cc racing. That one on 96 you posted was quite pathetic as it was really the crazy fans that troubled Criville, and then afterwards they were all booing Doohan on the podium. Not a great day for the local fans...

As for the second, I remember chuckling as Chili was trying to put the tank back on the bike, hoping to get back out there. He certainly was a character.

You might want to watch Abe's race at Suzuka in 1994

I'll never forget getting up early in the morning to watch that race, and watching this incredible unknown Japanese rider. Remained an Abe fan for good after that!


Good motor racing still exists today; it's just not called F1.
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