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Hungry Roaring

Post by Cine_Man on Fri Aug 01 2014, 17:11

The Safety Car is a part of racing -- interesting that it played a role in completely re-shuffling the deck. Ordinarily a "full-course yellow" would lock the positions for a cessation of competitive driving while an issue was resolved on-track.. but dot iss ressing as the heavily accented hot shoe would put it.

Simply amazing, though how the Merc team seems to be almost completely unstoppable. Hamilton chasing down the eventual winner even from the pit start and Takagi-homage on the first lap (which appears to have cost him the race); but then Rosberg recovering to finish a few seconds behind Hamilton and the podium. What do they feed these guys?

Not to take anything away from Ricciardo... but if you have to rely on saving your tyres in order to simply *defend* your position at the end... ???

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