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Post by Henrik on Sun Sep 30 2012, 18:05

Aragon is a nice bike track, but the riders had a tough time this weekend due to the weather. Today was dry, but still cold and windy, so the grip was so-so.

The Moto3 guys as usual put on a great show. It was nevertheless terrible to see ViƱales have his bike break down on the warm-up lap, and not be able to take the start. This really leaves the championship to Cortese, and he showed yet again that he will be a worthy champion.

Moto2 was good too, and I am always amazed to see how hard Marquez goes at it. He really could have taken it easy and ensure points with the lead he has, but no! He goes for every corner like his life depended on it, and it is great fun to see.

Finally, MotoGP was a bit exciting for perhaps two laps until Pedrosa put the hammer down. I really wish he would take the title, but it looks like Lorenzo is just too strong at the moment and with his lead he can easily manage things from here on out.

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