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Misano 2012 Empty Misano 2012

Post by TopContender on Sun Sep 16 2012, 17:32

Well that wraps it up. Dani is stiffed by his team, then taken out. Lorenzo is almost certain to win the championship. The only bright side was that the Ducati has actually improved. How much is still open to debate, as Lorenzo was not challenged so we don't know the true gap.
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Misano 2012 Empty Re: Misano 2012

Post by Henrik on Sun Sep 16 2012, 18:59

Indeed, that was unfortunate. After the qualy I was very hopeful for Pedrosa as he really took the fight to Lorenzo. That was a nightmare for him in the race!

Rossi was looking pretty good, but still never had a chance with Lorenzo. Great to see Rossi on the podium and Bautista with Simoncelli's bike at their real home race.

Good stuff in the smaller classes as usual. The Moto3 was fabulous, but ViƱales will really struggle to get the championship. Corti seems pretty well set from now on.

And Marquez is one tough racer! I wonder what Jorge will think of his tactics if the clash next year in MotoGP...

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