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WSBK Aragon

Post by Henrik on Mon Jul 02 2012, 14:01

Lots of bike racing this weekend as we had the MotoGP on Saturday in Assen and then the WSBK in Aragon on Sunday. With that much action, and friends coming over on Sunday, it was only today that I got a chance to look at the WSBK.

So, it wasn’t the most memorable of races. Race one started with Rea going out right away, which is particularly unfortunate for the championship since this does leave the door wide open for Biaggi. Still, in the race Melandri managed to give Biaggi a run for the money for most of it, but in the end it was just not possible to keep Max back. Melandri would do some pretty messy passes at the end of the back straight, but he could not hold all the way.

Race 2 was a bit more interesting because at first we had a group of three guys up front evenly matched, with Laverty, Biaggi and Melandri. They were then joined by an impressive Chaz Davies (again!). I really like how Chaz rides, and out of the three I thought he actually looked the most stable. He was not ruffled by Melandri’s late charge deep in to the corner, and instead let him through to simply take it back as the flipped over to the next right hander. Laverty was also looking good, and it was more Biaggi who seemed to be suffering. I have said it many times before, when he is involved with a bunch of other riders Max often makes mistakes.

Near the end, Laverty looked well set to take it home, but first he had a moment braking for the corner at the end of the back straight where the rear locked up and then the front as well! I was sure it was over, but he managed to recover, and even more amazingly managed to keep his trajectory through the corner. Still, it was not to be, and Melandri got a decisive pass in the last lap and made it first to the finish line. Laverty got second and Davies got his Aprilia on the podium in third. Biaggi was sulking a bit as two other Aprilias pushed him of the podium to finish fourth…

Behind this group, Rea collected a good fifth place, but it really does look like Biaggi will take home another title this year. I believe Melandri is too far behind him, but then you never know what will happen.


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