SPA- 2011- the best track in the world!

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SPA- 2011- the best track in the world!

Post by gueuzeman on Sat Aug 27 2011, 03:04

Well, my old roommate who lives in Hawaii is there with his girlfriend of 25 years in a campervan for the weekend and then spending 2 weeks cycling and drinking in Belgium. Why did I ever have kids?

Shit, at least I hope it rains.

Killer Whale
Killer Whale

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Re: SPA- 2011- the best track in the world!

Post by Gelert on Sun Aug 28 2011, 17:18

No rain - but plenty of kids on the track.... Shocked

Dunno wot Lewis was thinking...he ended-up with the wooden spoon, whilst it was deemed a racing incident. A decision that frankly I have to agree with.

As for yesterday, and Lewis' spat with Jaws... I never rated Maldonado, but my opinion of him has plumbed new depths. Bloody rent-a-drivers - but this one has serious attitude - not to mention a sub-optimal marketing opportunity in the facial department.

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