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Moto2 Update

Post by Henrik on Tue Aug 18 2009, 20:31

You wanted to know more, so I called the FIM today.

The technical specification for Moto2 have not been finalized yet, so there are a lot of things still in the air. What is confirmed for now is that Honda will be providing the engines for everybody together with the ecu. This obviously limits costs, and ensures there is no run-away development of electronic TC etc. The engines will be provided to the teams at the beginning of the race weekend, and they are to be returned at the end of the weekend.

On the chassis side, there are some things that have been decided, but weight figures are still up in the air. There will be no carbon brakes, which is good for the show, and the wheels are to be 17'' and limited to 5.5'' width, which is the same as for the 250. I suppose since Dunlop is supplying the tires, they did not want to have two different kinds for next year, but I would not be surprised to see the width going to 6'' in the future.

There is a fair bit of interest though, and by end of May I think they had something like over 40 registered interested entries. I doubt all will pan out, but it shows clearly an interest. Who will be making chassis? Like I said, Moriwaki is the first to get one out there, There is also the Blusens BQR bike that has been seen testing, but that is really all that I have found so far.

So, there is a fair amount of interest, but still many unknowns. I'll keep my eyes and ears open as I am really interested in this category. Hopefully in 2010 there will still be some 250 there as well for comparison.


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