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How to ride

Post by Henrik on Mon Aug 03 2009, 22:11

I was going through some of my old photos on photobucket as I was cleaning up stuff, and I came across this one of Tamada being passed on the inside by Rossi at Valencia in 2004. I hadn't looked at this one for a while, and now it hit me that it shows clearly something I learned at the Superbike School last time I was there.

We were learning about the position on the bike, and how you can tuck in lower on the bike, really hugging the tank, and as this lowers the centre of gravity it also tightens up the corner. I think this shows really well how Rossi is doing just that, allowing him to take a tighter line up the inside of Tamada. And that is how it's done!

It also looks like Tamada is about to lose the front, but I can confirm he didn't.


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